Creative thinking. It’s about challenging ‘the way it’s always been done’ and constantly seeking out better options.

That approach runs through the way we deliver all of our services – and here’s a brief run down of them. It’s worth mentioning how they all work together though. We’re not a business with separate divisions. It’s all here – and it can all be reached from one point of contact who knows you and your organisation. That’s important. When you call, you don’t want to talk to whoever’s available. You want to talk to someone who understands how you work and what you need. We know that.

Recruitment Communications

Attracting and engaging with the right person for your role means understanding who that person is. What motivates them? What would make them want to respond? Only by knowing those things can we pick out the right media, write effective copy and deliver a solution that gets results. By getting under the skin of every brief we’re given, we aim to make sure that you find the individual you need without being drowned in CVs from unsuitable candidates. That’s the thinking then. And when it comes to the doing, our focus is on speed and accuracy. Getting it right, whether it’s an online posting, a microsite, a press ad or an all-singing all-dancing cross-media campaign. It’s about getting your message across powerfully, where it’ll work best and at the price you want.


It seems odd in a way to give digital a space of its own here, because this area of our work permeates into just about everything else we do. But it is certainly worth mentioning the way we approach things. Basically, we aim to bring a great big dollop of insight and intelligence to the whole area. So while the ‘latest thing’ always generates a lot of hoo-ha, we look at it closely and analytically, sort out what it canreally do and see if it’ll add value to your solution. It’s not about following the latest trend. It’s about using the tools that deliver. It’s also about generating effective results. A website that gets your message across powerfully and memorably for example, using advanced back-end functionality that measures user behaviour, tracks candidates and manages communications with them. Or a podcast that gives your digital presence real personality. Or a whole load of other things. Let’s see what works best for you. Less

Employer branding and reputation

There have been millions of words written about this subject, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, it’s pretty straightforward stuff. Employer branding lets you discover exactly what prospective and current employees think of you as an employer, then develop strategies to make sure that perceptions meet reality. The first step is incisive research. Let’s get the facts. Then we can see what needs to be done. In practice, it could be something as simple as being more consistent in your recruitment and internal communications. Or it could mean challenging people’s deep-held beliefs about your business. Or you might need to look closely at the way you work as an organisation, changing practices to ensure that you can attract and retain the people you need. Whatever’s right for you, we’ll partner you through every stage, bringing creative and practical solutions that make a positive impact on your reputation as an employer.


Whether it’s corporate identity and branding, stationery, a website, newsletters, an exhibition stand or video presentation, our creative team are up for it. They also work fast, as long as we keep them stocked up on coffee. So if you need some last minute flyers for an event, a microsite and online response handling system, a few fresh ideas for give-away items for delegates or anything else, let’s talk. And since we’ve built up strong relationships with a preferred supplier network of printers and production companies, we can ensure that the results are as cost-effective as they are inspiring. We can also offer rapid digital artwork delivery across all formats and systems using our own in-house reprographics service EasyRepro. Less

Media planning and buying

To us, digital and offline media are both parts of one integrated approach. It’s about knowing what will get you the best results at the best price. Simple as that. Simple perhaps, but behind it is a constantly updated database of UK and international media. Yes, we keep ahead of all the latest developments – and we’ve also built up strong relationships with our colleagues in the media. We think that being open and transparent is the best way to do business. We’ll meet up with you regularly to talk through what you want to achieve. That way we can get a true understanding of your objectives. And that way we can plan ahead to generate the best possible cost savings.

Response handling

Managing the response from campaigns can be a time-consuming exercise. So if you don’t want to tie up your own people and resources, we can handle every aspect of the process. And of course, if you need to remain anonymous, this is the ideal solution too. All stages of the response handling process can be managed on-line – bringing substantial time and cost savings. It also allows for some clever ideas like aggregated diversity monitoring or specifically tailored ‘killer questions’. Every assignment we manage is tailored to the particular requirements of the brief: from initial CV screening to more in-depth filtering based around your needs. Professionalism is the big thing at every stage, ensuring that every applicant receives a fast response that gives a first-rate impression of your organisation.